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at the Irish Farm of Hope

Hardly anyone associates Ireland with the great need for animals. Nevertheless, since the economic crisis of 2008, there has been a major tightening in the treatment of animals on the Emerald Isle. It is often the economic misery that drives animal owners, including many horse owners, to abandon their animals. Our farm is located in a remote rural area and has become a refuge for many homeless horses and ponies. Our motivation is to help these animals, at least to provide them with food. We are also a rescue center for greyhounds, cats and other rescued animals.

The bloody business with the Greyhounds

The racing greyhounds, which are bred in Ireland exclusively for racing, are abused and exploited as sporting equipment. Every year, thousands of dogs that are not productive enough are killed or end up in animal shelters. This is profit-driven animal cruelty.
Even though this Irish “tradition” is still recommended in travel guides, please do not attend dog races.


Visiting the Irish Farm of Hope

In spring 2017, Frank Weber from the VOX editorial team “Hund Katze Maus” visited us at the farm to get an idea of the greyhound racing and the associated sports betting in Ireland. Here you can see our compilation of the article!

Dog Cat Mouse 2017

Animals for adoption

We always need loving people to take in the animals, which we have often taken in in very poor condition and nursed back to health. This creates space for new, needy animals.

Would you like to donate?

With a monetary donation you can easily support our work and our animals. Betterplace, Teaming and the classic bank transfer are currently available to you via our donation form.

Sponsor an animal

With an animal sponsorship you support the keeping and care of your favorite animal that is particularly close to your heart, meaning the money is used exclusively for the welfare of the animals (food, medication, equipment).

Cover veterinary costs

Since intensive care care is very expensive, we urgently need veterinary sponsorships, which are based on a monthly fixed monetary donation. This is the only way we can ensure life-saving operations for many animals.

our mission

We help animals in need in every way we can and really do everything we can for each and every animal! Because the need of many animals in Ireland is great. This is the little-known side of the green holiday island. Since 2012, we have been working every day to ensure that the hungry, exhausted and sick animals that come to us get better again.

IRISH FARM OF HOPE - County Galway Western Ireland
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