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Here we answer the most important questions that we often receive about our work.
If your question is not listed here, we look forward to hearing from you.

Up to 50 animals live on our farm. This includes our horses, donkeys and ponies, which always remain in our care. We also often have seriously ill young animals that require intensive care before they can be rehomed. The more healthy animals we adopt, the more space we have for needy and sick animals!

Greyhounds are very warm-hearted and sensitive dogs that are exploited in racing and suffer greatly. We have explained the problem with this breed in Ireland in more detail here (link to blog or similar). They are wonderful family dogs and we are happy about every dog that we can save from being killed and place it in loving hands.

We prefer to place our animals in Germany because we want to ensure that greyhounds, for example, end up in illegal racing again via a detour.

We currently only give our animals to friendly organizations in Germany, which then pass them on, but if you are interested, you are of course welcome to contact us at any time.

Animals that we take into our home are always initially quarantined. Only then can they be integrated into the community of our animals on the farm. Before an animal can leave the country because it has been adopted, it is examined by an official veterinarian. Basically, all of the animals we adopt are free of parasites, dewormed and vaccinated.

No. The horses, donkeys and ponies on our farm all receive food, accommodation and a good time from us and cannot be placed. According to the law, the free-living, abandoned horses also belong to the Irish state and cannot be rehomed.

The best way you can help is to give an animal we rescue a new, loving home. If this is not possible, we are always happy to receive urgently needed monetary donations to care for the animals. We offer a number of options for this, which you can find here (link to donation page).

Do you have any questions or other concerns?
Then feel free to write to us.

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