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September 10, 2023

Visiting the Irish Farm of Hope

In spring 2017, Frank Weber from the VOX editorial team “Hund Katze Maus” visited us at the farm to get an idea of the greyhound racing and the associated sports betting in Ireland. Here you can see our compilation of the article!

Dog Cat Mouse 2017

Animal welfare expert Frank Weber, reactor on the VOX show “Hund Cat Mouse”, has often supported my mother's work in Ireland. In the spring of 2017 the time had come: we flew to Ireland together so that Frank Weber could get an on-site impression of the situation in the racing dog industry in Ireland and to help meet two of the greyhounds that live on the farm to convey to Germany. Together with my mother we visited a so-called dog pound, a state kennel where hundreds of dogs were killed and some of them are still being killed, we went to the dog racing track in Limmerick and of course to the farm.

Frank Weber's visit was a complete success: the animals left for Germany after just six weeks and were able to be rehomed very well there.

Frank Weber with Frankie on the left, immediately after his rescue in May 2017 and on the right in October 2018, at the open day in Francis Animal Shelter in Hamburg. Frank Weber is little Franky's godfather, so to speak. It was passed on well immediately after the program was broadcast.

IRISH FARM OF HOPE - County Galway Western Ireland
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