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The sad life of the Farmcats

There are many free-roaming cats on farms in Ireland that reproduce completely uncontrollably. They live a life like no cat should lead... Fed, if at all, only with leftovers and cow's milk, they are left completely to their own devices. Massive inbreeding takes place which has terrible consequences.

None of the cats ever see a vet because, for example, through castration “they no longer catch mice”. So of course they are not vaccinated or dewormed and get all the worst diseases that cats can pick up. Cat flu/cat disease/FIP and leukemia are commonplace. Often together too.

We have been active in Ireland for 17 years now and it really is a bottomless pit. There is better education and good neutering campaigns at veterinary clinics, but it will be a long time before we no longer get incredibly sick cats like we have for so many years. Almost all of the cats we take in, nurture, care for, tame and adopt come from a farm.

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