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The life of farm dogs in Ireland

Since our station is very rural, our closest neighbors are farmers. Agriculture is widespread in Ireland and there are so-called farm dogs on almost every farm. They are usually sheepdogs or pure-bred border collies that are purchased to drive and look after the farm animals on an hourly basis.

The lives of these thoroughly friendly and loving dogs are beyond sad. Their sleeping place is usually an old wooden pallet in the yard or in the stable. Some farmers also use old barrels that are tipped over as “prescribed” shelter. The highlight of the day is being able to get off the chain and go about your work. Driving cattle to another pasture or herding sheep.

All of this lasts at most the morning and then “life” on the chain is announced again. Over the years, farm dogs from the neighborhood have repeatedly shown up at our house and we have repeatedly reported massive animal welfare violations involving these great dogs. Because of this, some of these dogs were adopted well, but new ones are then usually purchased straight away.

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IRISH FARM OF HOPE - County Galway Western Ireland
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