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Saving animals and finding homes for them -
That is our mission

The Irish Farm of Hope is a small rescue center for cats and dogs in Derrygoolin, County Galway, founded by Kristiane Schott in 2012. Originally, the love for greyhounds and the brutal treatment of them in dog racing was crucial for Kristiane to help in Ireland. As early as 2004, Kristiane gave up everything in Germany to dedicate her life to rescuing greyhounds. While she was still in Germany, she once received a job offer to manage a large greyhound station in Ireland, which she did for a few years with a lot of passion and dedication.

When Kristiane Schott entered retirement, it quickly became clear that she would set up her own animal rescue center in order to be able to help kittens, which she had already gained experience caring for over many years in Germany. That's how it finally came about “Irish Farm of Hope”.

During the economic crisis, many horses, ponies and donkeys were abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves. That's why Kristiane's efforts eventually expanded to include ungulates and the Irish Farm of Hope is now a refuge for all the animals that have a very special life story behind them and urgently need help and support.

Since then, Kristiane has dedicated all of her time and energy to her beloved animals and has been fighting for more awareness about the terrible conditions in which animals are kept in Ireland for many years.

The Irish Farm of Hope works in Ireland with various animal shelters and animal welfare organizations and supports the helpers there, some of whom are untrained, with the care of kittens and dogs as well as very sick animals. Thanks to Kristiane and her supporters' years of experience, they are often called to help in emergencies.

The Irish Farm of Hope is the only German-speaking rescue center in Ireland.

The sad life of farm dogs

Unfortunately, Irish farmers' sheepdogs and herding dogs often do not receive good care and some of them live in conditions that are contrary to animal welfare. They lead a dreary life on the chain and are not cared for, let alone given medical care. Many of these mistreated farm dogs end up with us, where we foster them and then pass them on to loving owners.


Animal sponsorship

He is a very gentle donkey who always tries to make sure everyone gets along. We don't know his exact age because he was probably kept very poorly for a long time or was left to fend for himself. Lennard is happy to have a sponsor who ensures that he can live happily and healthily on the farm.

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