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There are various ways you can help us. Just see what suits you, we are happy about any donation that can help the animals on the farm and give hope.

Thank you, your Irish Farm of Hope TEAM

Donate money

We sometimes see terrible animal fates here on the farm and are of course happy every time we can reduce or even completely alleviate the suffering of an animal through our work. We are therefore very grateful for every single donation. Donations are the mainstay of our work and we use them carefully.

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Become an animal sponsor

By sponsoring an animal, you can do a lot of good for an animal on our farm that cannot be adopted because it is sick. Chronically ill animals have a great need for care and medication. All donkeys and horses on the farm receive their blessings from us and are happy to receive hay donations!

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For donations of up to €200, the transfer slip or proof of payment is sufficient as proof of donation for the tax office. Upon request or for donations over €200, we will be happy to issue a receipt and send it to you by email. Please be sure to provide us with your email address in the intended purpose.

Taking in or caring for an animal

Our work on the farm in Ireland is based on placing the animals in good hands. We choose very carefully and consider what is the best path for the animal, depending on its history. Sometimes it makes sense to find a foster home in Germany before a dog or cat finds its forever home.

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Become an ambassador

The more people know about our work, the more animals we can help. Every organization, every idea and every commitment grows with its level of awareness. Spread our commitment on social networks and encourage even more people to find out about the plight of animals in Ireland.

Do you have any questions or other concerns?
Then feel free to write to us.

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