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9. November 2023

James Bowen (A Street Cat Named Bob) meets our cats

I doubt that there is any catlover who has never heard of the stories ofA Street Cat Named Bob? So you can imagine how happy we were, when Bob’s “father”, James Bowen, visited Hamburg’s Café Katzentempel, where some of our cats are living…and then Mr Bowen even fell in love with our Serena…

“We had an amazing time on our recent tour of Germany. The final stop before we headed home was a team breakfast at the wonderful Café Katzentempel Hamburg. Bob sat this one out and rested at the hotel ahead of his journey. Six beautiful rescue cats from Irish Farm of Hope call the Café home “

James Bowen

We couldn’t have said it any better: We’re so happy that five of our cats found a beautiful home in Café Katzentempel… and having Mr Bowen visit them is obviously also an honour!
Serena was lucky that Bob was taking a nap, otherwise he would surely have been jealous!

The Irish Farm of Hope rescues animals from Irish killing stations, as well as abandoned animals. Not only are we constantly in need of food for our animals, but also regular visits to the vet lead to enormous costs, which is why we are depending on donations. Our animals would be very thankful, if you should decide to support us.
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Cafe Katzentempel Hamburg

Kleiner Schäferkamp 24
20357 Hamburg

Tel. 040-18294891

Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr: 11–20 Uhr
Sa : 10–20 Uhr
So und feiertags: 10–18 Uhr

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